Brazil as Your Offshore Destination: Cost-Effective

Brazil as Your Offshore Destination: Cost-Effective

The 1990s experienced a boom in US companies seeking offshore opportunities for talented technical staffing and...

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Brazil as Your Offshore Destination Benefits

The 1990s experienced a boom in US companies seeking offshore opportunities for talented technical staffing and cost-efficiency. The offshoring industry has since only grown. Now we are beginning to see more and more the benefits of nearshoring over offshoring. IDC predicts “global suppliers will keep turning their attention to emerging regions [Latin America].”


Nearshoring is an alluring alternative to offshoring because of its proximity to the US. Similar time zones help with uninterrupted communication –minimizing mistakes and misunderstandings. Faster and more cost-effective travel allows for more time in the office and less time on a plane and makes it easier to maintain face-to-face interaction for projects than in overseas places like India and China.

Another reason companies are turning towards Latin American nearshoring options, are the cultural similarities, with a majority of Latin American’s possessing fluency in English. The congruency of onsite and nearshore staff gives quality and effective results.

Brazil, in particular, has become a rising giant in the nearshoring industry. Brazil is only 2 hours ahead of US EST and is the biggest economy in Latin America. According to A.T. Kearney, “Brazil shows an improving business environment, people skills, and availability scores, pointing to an increasingly experienced industry that can serve global firms.” A.T. Kearney reports Brazil advanced to the number 8 spot for offshoring, making it one of the top choices for business’ outsourcing needs.

CIO reports, “Brazil has a low employee turnover rate and its IT professionals have a high degree of technical skills and business savvy. And, because of a thriving financial and banking industry, Brazil’s IT workforce includes many mainframe programmers as well.” With an experienced pool of talented professionals, a growing economy, and cultural similitude, nearshoring to Brazil can offer better competitive costs.

According to e-Core’s 2013 study, “companies that count on a nearshore team in Brazil save 40% to 60% when compared with prices in the USA, without forsaking quality.”

QAT Global first started its relationship with Brazil in 1998 and has since built a solid base for our Offshore Development site in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. QAT’s ODC helps in your success by bringing you effective communication for your project, the flexibility you need, strong integration and relationship building. We’re confident our unique and repeatable development methodology, Agility RPMsm and our Global Delivery Model will deliver superior solutions to you.

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