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We Transform Data Into Knowledge

Capture, Store, Process, Analyze, and Visualize

Are you struggling to meet the challenges of storing, processing, and interpreting your data? Can you convert it to the insight needed to drive growth? QAT Global can help in designing and developing big data solutions, allowing businesses to make the most informed decisions for their future.

Billions of people and computing devices are together creating an exponentially growing volume of data known as ‘Big Data.’ This isn’t the transactional data stored in databases that businesses have been using to make business decisions for decades. Big Data is the much less structured data coming from email, photographs, social media, blogs, and other emerging sources that can also be mined for information. So much data is being streamed that there is even data about data, commonly referred to as metadata. As data science develops, better and new ways of interpreting data into meaningful results are being used.

Our development team can help transform data into knowledge, enabling high-value, content-centric products and services. We do this by adding analytics to produce knowledge, allowing consumer and enterprise end-users to focus on informed decision-making after organizing raw data into structured information.

Big Data – What Is It?

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information. There are three different types of data, structured (data stored in a database), unstructured (unorganized data not defined by a model or schema), and semi-structured (a mix of both structured and unstructured, commonly known as metadata). Data has become much cheaper to collect, and we now have increased storage capabilities and computing power to properly utilized the information gathered.

Big data is more than simply a matter of size; it is an opportunity to find insights into new and emerging types of data and content, to make your business more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond your reach.

Data can be gathered in many different ways off of different devices such as a customer’s phone or computer and even sensors powered by IoT. Because of the size and complexity of the data being gathered, specific applications and specialized analysis need to be applied to find meaningful results. Until now, there was no practical way to harvest this opportunity.

Big Data Development

Modern applications with complex business logic and ever-growing processed data amounts pose a technological challenge to database engines in their backend.

The development of a high-performance database leveraging application functionality requires specialized knowledge, techniques, and software engineering skills. QAT Global can deliver highly qualified staff to accomplish the transformation of your business requirements into physical database design:

  • Proficient software, database, and big data architects
  • Experienced SQL and big data developers
  • Developers experienced in the vast big data ecosystem developing continuously
  • Information security professionals
  • Specialized big data QA team

QAT Global can help to make big data a solid foundation of a web application powering its functionality and integration capabilities, efficiently supporting application workflows and data manipulation, and serving as a valuable business intelligence data source.

QAT Global database development experience includes dealing with both structured and unstructured data.

  • You build a scale-out storage infrastructure that grows with your data.
  • You add a unified analytics platform that helps you collaborate.
  • You learn to model your data to make better decisions faster, with less risk.
  • Achieve new agility, efficiency, and business breakthroughs — all with Big Data and EMC.

We Can…

Help with an existing solution to develop or extend it.

Have QA automation engineers help test big data solutions.

Build custom software that extends existing solutions or helps inflate big data stores.

Work alongside to build analytics engines that help derives value from big data stores.

Big Data Analytics – Creating Real-time Insights from Big Data Analytics

You have data. Lots of it. And now more than ever, your business needs to have faster access to that data to make strategic decisions. QAT Global can help empower your business users so that you can move forward to other pressing projects.

Big Data consists of both structured and unstructured data that can yield unprecedented insights into solving tough business issues and improving customer relations. Big Data Analytics allows you to take machine data containing a categorical record of all user behaviors, service levels, cyber security risks, fraudulent activities and more and turn it into insights quickly.

To gain value and insight from big data analytics, organizations need the ability not just to process the vast quantities of data being generated but also to blend the right datasets together to give context and meaning. Big data goes beyond business intelligence and analytics. Identifying which people or machines in your organization need the insight and how to get it to them at speed and securely is the difference between competitive advantage and increased operational costs.

How QAT Global Can Help

QAT Global can help you put data at the heart of your business. We combine expertise in business analytics, business intelligence and information management with industry and business process knowledge and business transformation services to help you decide what you want to achieve, how to get started, and how to drive business results.

Transforming businesses one process at a time — Big Data analytics provides limitless visibility into data-rich environments, which allows businesses to act on the wealth of information that is collected and analyzed.