Arizona Public Service – Application Modernization

Arizona Public Service - Application Modernization
Last Updated: November 22, 20232 min readCategories: Utility & Energy

Arizona Public Service Seamlessly Modernizes with Cross Sourcing

Team Selected from QAT Global’s US and Offshore Brazil Staff for Ultimate Value and Expertise

Customer Snapshot

  • Utility Provider
  • Over 1 million residential & commercial users
  • Founded 1895
  • Phoenix, AZ

Solution Snapshot

  • Web-based solution
  • Leverages existing software assets
  • Modern UI
  • High availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Migration from existing system
  • Improved usability & functionality
  • Seamless transition

Key Differentiators

  • Brazil Support
  • Agile
  • Governance
  • Repeatable Process

Skills Needed:

  • Ajax
  • C#
  • CA Gen
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Knockout JS
  • SQLServer
  • Visual Studio
  • Web Services

APS has been serving Arizona for more than 125 years and continues to be at the forefront of innovation and excellent service. Today APS generates safe, affordable, and reliable electricity for more than 1.2 million retail and residential customers in Arizona. With a projected growth of 700,000 new customers by 2030 APS relies on QAT Global to modernize systems without interruption to existing customers or business operations.

Originally, APS managed its materials through a custom-built client-server application for Windows named MLIS. This system managed materials and logistics for all maintenance activities performed by APS, including multiple warehouses and thousands of parts. It was considered a “core” system, and any changes performed had a cascading and critical impact upon operational support and other key systems.

MLIS in its original state was approaching the end of its evolutionary capacity – both in terms of functionality and technology. In order to keep up with the anticipated growth, and to continue uninterrupted service to existing operations, APS contracted with QAT Global to create a modernized system that integrates legacy users and systems.

QAT Global’s Approach

Knowing the MLIS system is a critical part of operations for APS, and also having in mind the cost-benefits a mixed team would bring, QAT Global leveraged its software development center in Brazil and assembled a team to support the effort. A team lead in the Omaha office was also assigned to the project to act as a “hub” between the client and the Brazil team.

Once the team was established, all technology involved was reviewed, and best practices were developed to guarantee performance, productivity, and repeatability during development.

The interaction between the client and the QAT team was key to the success since the business knowledge resided within APS and the modernized system must keep all the business rules intact. Real-time collaboration among all members of the project was implemented, along with the adoption of agile methods to expedite feedback.