5 Websites You Must Know if You’re a Technology Leader

5 Websites You Must Know if You’re a Technology Leader
Last Updated: November 17, 20232.8 min readCategories: Business & IT Leadership, Technical & Development

5 Websites You Must Know if You’re a Technology Leader

Discover Where the Brightest Technology Leaders Go to Learn More about the Latest News and Gadgets in Their Industry

As a technology leader in the midst of progressing technological advances in your industry. We’ve put together a list of five must-know websites that we believe you should add to your daily browse on the web as a technology leader in your company.
We hope you enjoy our list and find these resources helpful as you continually update your business strategy with the newest relevant products and ideas.


Technology leaders rely on Gigaom as a primary technology research and analysis resource. Business leaders can gain access to articles, videos, and the latest news on emerging technologies. Learn how to utilize these products and strategies best to impact your business positively. Gigaom also allows businesses to participate in their Gigaom Council, a safe place online for business leaders to exclusively interact with their peers and Gigaom analysts. Here leaders discuss both the issues and innovations impacting their businesses and the industry.


TechCrunch is another technology media leading the way in tech breaking news, reviews of the hottest products on the web today, and portal to the best new technology startups and innovations. TechCrunch, comprised of itself and a host of websites, is the perfect place for technology leaders to gain access to inside information on the newest technological advancements affecting their


CIO is the center for technology leaders and business technology executives to meet, collaborate, and gain insight on current innovative developments affecting leadership decisions from peers and experts in the field. Explore new possibilities as you dive into trending articles discussing innovative technology opportunities available to you in AI, cloud computing, big data, IT, and more. CIO is the perfect resource for serious technology leaders who want to keep their business relevant, informed, and adaptable to the ever-evolving technologized business landscape of today.


Gizmodo is a unique site offering access to the most current and relevant news stories, videos, articles, and reviews useful for today’s sharpest technology leaders. Gain access to the latest worldwide happenings affecting your business and read advice packed articles full of strategy recommendations designed to accommodate your best interest. Explore the latest tech gadgets to hit the market and the ideas sparking innovation for the next generation of products. Gizmodo opens the door of discovery for you to find all the good, bad, and ugly of these products before you commit to them with access to accredited reviews of all the newest, must-buy tech.


Engadget is one of the premier global multimedia organizations for all consumer and business technology news and reviews. Serving as your home for advancements in gaming, entertainment, and life-enhancing technologies, Engadget has all the up-to-date inside information for technology leaders to gain an edge on the competition. Gain access to the hottest trends and new technologies through videos, reviews, and breaking news on the latest producers: their inspiration, products, and ideas changing our world.

We hope you enjoyed our list and found your new go-to information center for all things IT and the newest technology advancements! Not seeing your favorite resource on our list? Please share your favorites with us on Face-book, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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