5 Websites for Software Developers That You Need to Know About

5 Websites for Software Developers That You Need to Know About

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5 Websites for Software Developers That You Need to Know About

Find out where developers turn to when trying to stay up-to-date on the latest programming news and tech

When your job is all about creating innovative software systems that retrieve, store, and manipulate data in increasingly complex ways, staying current on technology is essential. Being exposed to different perspectives, fresh ideas, new developments, and practical advice provides fuel for continuous improvement. Whether you’re brainstorming or searching for the best way to optimize a system’s processes, having a set of go-to resources at the ready makes getting things done easier. So where do you go to stay up to date on the latest breakthroughs and tech in the field? We’ve compiled a list of five popular websites software developers need to know about when looking for the latest industry news and developments.

1. Hacker News

hacker news 5 websites for software developers
Say hello to the Reddit for all things software related! Hacker News is a massive hub for developers to share their thoughts about strategy, or share articles about the newest updates or tech in their industry. What makes Hacker News so unique is that the content is written or shared by developers for developers. If something major happens in the world of software development, visitors to this site can be sure to see a reaction almost immediately.

2. Ajaxian

ajaxian 5 websites for software developers
This website is for software developers that are thirsty for knowledge. Ajaxian acts a library for blogs, articles, and scholarly journals about software development topics. The topics cover almost every component of the field from .Net to YUI. But that’s not all, Ajaxian also contains relevant podcasts, development resources, and a list of jobs available in the industry.

3. Code Simplicity

code simplicity 5 websites for software developers
Making coding simple? Sign me up! Code Simplicity is a blog that was started by Max Kanat-Alexander, a software engineer at Google. He also worked as the chief architect on the Bugzilla Project, which is a server software that is designed to help developers manage their software. The blog rakes in articles on software development tips, tricks, and techniques that are helpful to anyone in the industry.

4. DZone

dzone 5 websites for software developers
Get in the programming zone! DZone is a massive hub for the very latest updates in the world of software development. They also have a wide array of industry topics called “zones” that viewers can browse. With over 1 million developers subscribed to their news feed, readers can be sure they are getting the most relevant and reliable sources in the industry.

5. StackExchange

stack exchange 5 websites for software developers
The Stack Exchange network consists of 133 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Their Stack Overflow program partners with businesses to help them understand, hire, and engage the software development community. Stack Exchange also hosts community groups on topics like WordPress development and video game development.

These information sources serve as a go-to for professionals in the development arena. They help software developers stay updated with the latest tech, polish their skills, and gather advice from leaders in the industry. As you know, the field is always evolving, so staying on top of changes is important. We encourage our readers to give these sites a visit; there is something for every type of developer!

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