Top 5 Benefits of IT Staffing Services

Demand for skilled IT labor is at an all-time high in the U.S. It is estimated that around half of the 1.6 million IT job openings available this year will go unfilled, showing a clear hiring problem for employers. Staffing demands are continually changing, and the never-ending cycle of locating qualified staff to complete complex IT projects is time-consuming and costly. In fact, a recent report found that 87% of IT executives say finding staff is challenging. Because of this, employers are turning to IT staffing to fill these needs with a mix of onshore and nearshore resources. Utilizing a staffing solution and being flexible about staff location can deliver the right personnel to meet your immediate or long-term business goals. Here are the top five reasons to contract IT staff over hiring full-time.

Top 5 reasons to utilize IT staffing services

1) Cost Savings from Contracting IT Staff

Utilizing IT staffing services saves money in a variety of ways. Hiring a full-time employee is an expensive process, even before their first day of work. Posting on job boards can be costly, not to mention the time spent on creating them and then having to go through a pool of applicants and conducting interviews. When hiring via IT staffing, firms can be specific with the criteria they want in a contract employee, paying for skills that are needed, and knowing what it will cost. Working with a staffing company offers qualified candidates and cuts down the chance of a “bad hire” that can lead to substantial long-term savings.

2) Increased New Hire Productivity

Contracting IT staff members can improve a company’s productivity and save time. A staffing company offers a network of qualified talent, which helps reduce the time-consuming recruitment process. Access to fully screened, qualified personnel allows for faster hiring. In addition, although there are still company-specific processes to be learned, these experienced contract IT employees will enter the firm further ahead than training someone from scratch. Passing the employment process to a staffing company also allows companies to focus on other important projects and tasks.

3) Reduced Hiring Risk

Doing your IT recruiting internally increases the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t have the right training or skills when you are looking to fill a position for a special project or if IT isn’t your area of expertise. A bad hire not only results in monetary costs but also lost time spent investing in a new employee. Contracting an employee from an IT staffing company allows you to capitalize on their technical expertise, market knowledge, and network of contacts to supply your company with highly skilled personnel capable of delivering on your requirements.

4) Improved Financial Security

Firms invested heavily in full-time labor are incredibly vulnerable during economic downturns. When work slows down, or a project is complete, companies are often forced to lay off excess employees. With IT staffing, companies can adjust accordingly without having to go through significant layoffs. IT resourcing companies, like QAT Global, offer varying lengths of contracts to meet your sourcing needs.

5) Increased Resource Diversity

By contracting an outside company, there’s access to a more diverse labor pool. Staffing offers a wide variety of specialized skills not available otherwise. Often, resource employees have worked on previous contracts, giving them a broader experience level than their full-time counterparts.

top 5 benefits IT staffing services

Taking Action

Utilizing staffing services is a vital tool for fulfilling technical positions that will undoubtedly become increasingly popular in the years to come as the demand for specialized IT skillsets grows. However, like all technical tools, the use of IT staffing needs to be considered carefully. As project complexity increases, conversations between internal leadership and providers regarding the use of staffing services versus project outsourcing should happen to maximize results. If you’re interested in the potential benefits of IT staffing or looking to make an informed decision about project outsourcing versus IT staffing, contact QAT Global for a consultation.