Creating Superior Value for Clients

Creating Superior Value for Clients

Last Updated: November 17, 20231.8 min readCategories: Agile

Creating Superior Value for Clients

Keeping IT project costs down has never been more important.  At the same time, customers expect high-quality results for a superior value.  Delivering on that, regardless of company size, requires a formula and discipline. At QAT, our formula works and it’s repeatable.  It works because of great enterprise architecture, well-defined development standards and discipline with our Scrum methodology, Agility RPM℠.  It’s repeatable because we’ve developed a full curriculum of developer training and we can deliver that training to our best-shore teams as well as our clients for repeated success.

Discipline at Work

Our discipline involves employing a repeatable process that our developers are well trained in and strictly adhere to.  The methodology we follow is our own proprietary process called Agility RPM℠ and our success is based on Agile and industry best practices which include:

  • World-Class Enterprise Architecture with Well-Defined Application Layers
  • State of the Art Security Standards and Best Practices
  • Strict Discipline with a Proven but Lightweight Development Process – Agility RPM℠
  • Code Review Processes Designed to Build Skills and Mentor Teams
  • Unit and Functional Test Standards that Instill Quality and Reduce Time to Market
  • Standardized Development Environments

Our clients benefit substantially from Agility RPM℠ because it minimizes startup time, provides a common roadmap for all developers, produces code that is uniform across the development team, keeps clients involved throughout the project so they can provide feedback and make adjustments along the way, and enables us to show results at regular intervals in the development process.  Plus, Agility RPM can also be customized to your environment and requirements, without losing its benefits.

Agility in Action

True agility is a critical factor today when selecting IT consultants for your development projects.  Business needs and requirements often change with little notice making it critical for both parties to be flexible and ready to respond quickly to ensure a project’s success.  Agility RPM℠ has built-in opportunities for rapid course correction to keep the project on track.

Your Success is Our Success

At QAT, we have the skills, experience and the discipline to exceed your expectations every time and we are truly vested in ensuring your project success.

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