The Illusion of the Automation Magic Wand

A Modernization Story

Application modernization projects tend to be complex, costly, and come with some level of risk, making some degree of automation in the process appear very appealing. Who doesn’t love the idea of waving a magic wand and having everything turn out perfectly?
The reality is, modernizing applications involves more than a one-to-one conversion. Our informative ebook will teach you more about real world modernization, the challenges, and show you the best options for your business.

Considering automating application modernization? Download our 12 page ebook today and get insights on:

  • The benefits and challenges of popular modernization approaches.
  • The elements to consider for a successful modernization.
  • How to truly modernize applications while saving money.

QAT Global EBook Automation Magic Wand

Automating application modernization involved the use of automated parsers and converters to convert a codebase from one language to another, such as COBOL to Java. They tend to translate code line-for-line. Automated application modernization does not include making any improvements to the architecture, code quality, or functionality of the application. In addition, businesses often encounter integration issues as applications are moved to new languages using automation.