Microsoft Engineer Flags AI Tool for Generating Violent and Explicit Content

March 8th, 2024: In a striking disclosure, Shane Jones, a Microsoft engineer with six years at the company, has raised alarms about the AI image generator, Copilot Designer.

During his personal investigations, Jones discovered the tool’s potential to create images of a violent and sexual nature, alongside violating copyright laws.

Despite Microsoft’s emphasis on AI ethics, these findings contradict the company’s stated principles.

Jones’ journey into the heart of this issue began in December, as he red-teamed the Copilot Designer tool—testing it for vulnerabilities.

His findings were unsettling, revealing the AI’s ability to produce disturbing content, including sexualized and violent imagery. Jones promptly reported these issues to Microsoft but found the response lackluster. Seeking broader attention, he escalated the matter to the FTC and Microsoft’s board, sharing his concerns publicly.

Copilot Designer, powered by OpenAI’s technology, is designed to transform text prompts into images, encouraging creative freedom.

However, Jones’ experience suggests a significant oversight in the tool’s ethical and safety measures.

He discovered content that starkly conflicts with responsible AI guidelines, including depictions of underage substance use, explicit sexual images, and copyrighted characters in compromising contexts.

Despite Jones’ efforts to highlight these risks internally and his suggestion to temporarily withdraw Copilot Designer from public access, Microsoft has yet to take substantial action.

The company’s stance, as reported, points to established internal channels for addressing such concerns, yet the effectiveness of these mechanisms is now under question.

Jones’ findings and subsequent public letters underscore a growing concern over the ethical boundaries of AI technology. As AI continues to evolve rapidly, the balance between innovation and ethical responsibility becomes increasingly precarious.

Do you think the images generated by Copilot above are inappropriate? Comment your opinions below.

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