Is GPT 4.5 Here? Rumors Swirl Around OpenAI’s Alleged GPT-4.5

December 19, 2023: Over the weekend, the tech world was buzzing with excitement and skepticism following claims of a new AI model, GPT-4.5, possibly being used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Social media leaks and user reports fueled this speculation, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s responses have added to the confusion.

Speculation began with a ‘leaked’ image on social media, suggesting the existence of GPT-4.5, a supposed upgrade to the current GPT-4 model with advanced multimodal capabilities.

This leak led to widespread discussion among tech enthusiasts, eager for the next big thing in AI.

OpenAI’s CEO Responds with Skepticism

In response to these rumors, Sam Altman commented with a simple “nah” when asked about the authenticity of these claims. Despite this, some leakers insisted that Altman was just ‘trolling,’ leaving the community in a state of uncertainty.

Adding to the mystery, some ChatGPT users reported responses indicating the model was “GPT 4.5-turbo,” although an OpenAI employee dismissed these as a ‘weird’ hallucination.

This has led to further speculation and discussion within the tech community.

Despite the denials, some reports claim that ChatGPT has shown significantly improved performance over the past 48 hours. However, with official denials, the true nature of these improvements remains a topic of debate.

As this speculation unfolded, the official ChatGPT X account added to the mystery by tweeting in cryptic emojis. This, combined with Sam Altman’s confirmation of the ongoing development of GPT-5, suggests that while GPT-4.5 might not be a reality, advancements in AI models are certainly on the horizon.

The tech community remains divided over the existence of GPT-4.5, with excitement, skepticism, and official denials all contributing to the ongoing debate.

While it’s unclear whether GPT-4.5 is real, the increased performance of ChatGPT and the confirmed development of GPT-5 indicate that the future of AI is still full of possibilities.

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